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28 février 2010 7 28 /02 /février /2010 20:44

Liberté 2  au carré 
résultat de mes dernières créations  sur la cuisson de la ceramique japonaise  " RAKU " .

result of my last research on Japanese cooking RAKU


raku ceramics 42X42X8


The technique of the raku is before a whole process of cooking which subjects to sandstone parts an important thermal shock. After the installation of l' enamel, the parts are cooked with close to 1000° during a relatively short time, then immediately left the furnace. This thermal shock causes cracks which are then revealed by a smoking. The incandescent parts can also be soaked in l' water, burned or left with l' free air. During this phase of cooling, a reaction d' oxydoreduction reveals more or less metallized colors, After cooling, the parts are cleaned with a gritting to remove all the residues of soot and ash.

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